In Aviodream you can get your Ultralight pilot Licence on our modern PIPISTREL Alpha trainer, regarded as one of the most modern ,safe, economical and novice pilot friendly aircraft in the world.

Our team comprises of very experienced flight instructors with thousands of hours of experience in the Airline Industry as Captains in Major Airlines and more than 30 years of accumulated instructing experience. We are located in Athens, Greece operating out of Megara Pahi (LGMG) Airport the busiest general Aviation Airport in Greece. Megara Pahi is located about 16 nm from the centre of Athens right on the western sea front.Heavy activity of civilian ,flight training, military helicopter flying during the weekdays, and parachute jumping offers great experience building to our students. We also use Thiva Perneri Airport as a retreat to more quiet and specialised training. Thiva Perneri is located about 24 nm north from Megara next to Yliki Lake.

The flight training requirements are regulated by HCAA ( Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority ) and are described in FEK1360/September 2nd 2010 the Aviation Law for Ultralights. Briefly the requirements for obtaining an ultralight license in Greece are 25 hours of Flight Training and 50 hours of ground school. A minimum of 5 hours must be solo including a 40 nm cross-country. Aeronautical Knowledge includes Civil Aviation Law (6 hrs), Meteorology (5 hrs) , General Aviation technical knowledge (6 hrs), Air Navigation (7 hrs), Theory of Flight (5 hrs), Human Factors (4 hrs), Mechanics and Aerodynamics of Flight (6 hrs), Airport Rules (3 hrs),Air/ground Communications and use of Aircraft radio transceiver (4 hrs) and Practical lessons of Airframe and power plant maintenance (4 hrs).

A theoretical written examination is required by the HCAA. Also the candidate must possess a medical certificate LAPL class or better issued by an EASA designated aviation medical examiner.

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