Super Petrel

The Super Petrel LS is an amphibious biplane with flight qualities of a low wing, cruise speed of a regular upper wing, easy and safe flying. It has robust structure and corrosion resistance and simplicity of systems. The Super Petrel LS utilizes the Rotax engine model 912 iS with digital panel.


The biplane, sesquiplane, staggerwing configuration, besides being robust and charming, provides to the Super Petrel LS seaplane highly positive flight features such as: smooth stall, excellent stability and comfort in turbulent atmospheres, brief and steady takeoff without flaps and mainly an incomparable behavior on landings.

This configuration permits that you dive in the final approach without speeding up, stabilize over the strip placing the aircraft on landing altitude and wait for the sinking for a smooth and precise touch. And to assist, the small lateral area of the rear fuselage makes the crosswinds have very little influence on landing.

The Super Petrel LS is robust and precise at low speeds. Such behavior is much desired and appreciated on landings and even more on splashdowns (landing on water). Landing the Super Petrel LS is an easy, safe and very pleasurable operation!


The Super Petrel LS seaplane meets all requirements for design, airworthiness and manufacturing established by the ASTM Standards which are basis for the LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) certification in the United States or ALE (Sport Light Aircraft) in Brazil. The structural and flight tests, including spinning, stall, flutter, etc., were successfully performed proving the project technical qualities and supporting its approval in Brazil, USA, Australia, South Korea and several other countries.

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  • Max Cruise Speed

    100 (kt)

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PERFORMANCE (ISA) Light Sport Advanced Ultra-Light
Max Cruise Speed (kt) 100 100
VNE (kt) 113 113
Stall Speed (kt) 37 34
Max Climb Ratio (ft/min) 1.000 1.000
Glide Ratio 10:1 10:1
Service Ceiling (ft) 12.000 12.000
Take Off (ground/water) (m) 80/120 80/120
Landing (ground/water) (m) 120/100 120/100
Fuel Capacity (Liters) 95 95
Endurance (Hours) 06:00 06:00
Empty Weight (kg) 358 356
Useful Load (kg) 292 204
Gross Weight (kg) 650 560
Load Factor (G) 4 / -2 4 / -2
Cabin Width (m) 1,16 1,16
Baggage(Kg) 30 30
Lenght (m) 6,35 6,35
Height(m) 2,53 2,53
Wing Span (m) 8,9 8,9
Wing Surface (m²) 15 15
Seats 2 2
Landing Gear Trigear/Retractable Trigear/Retractable